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    Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

    It is now officially Christmas season, and while we all love this time of year, sometimes it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift for a family member or significant other. We don’t need that kind of stress, right?? I always want to find something unique and personal but I never have the time to hunt things down. I have a feeling you are in the same boat. Read more…


    Looking For The Cutest Clothes? I Got You Covered.

    The struggle to find the clothes you want is REEEEEEAL! I find myself putting off shopping for clothes, because it’s just such a task. Going from store to store to find the three items that I need at the time, is exhausting. Why can’t all the cute things just be in one place?? Well, I’m here to tell you that I have found your one-stop shop. Miss Match Boutique is located in San Diego, Ca (and on-line) and they are the perfect place to find all of your clothing needs. From everyday wear, to your next event- this little shop won’t disappoint.

    I am really loving my jeans (as you can see, my daughter does too) and there was no shortage of choices available there. Super cute, great quality. My olive green sweater is soft and cozy, and perfect for the season. I am probably going back to grab a chunky sweater very soon! Oh, and I need a dress for an event….and a pair of booties…. and I will soon also need some accessories. So yeah, I’ll be visiting often.

    Miss Match is available to everyone with their online store, and they offer FREE shipping! Use my code for 20% off your entire order, in-stores & on-line! —> DOMESTIC20


    I know you’ll find a ton of great items for Fall. Happy Shopping!




    Professional Teeth Whitening Without Leaving the House

    This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

    There normally isn’t a day of the week that goes by where I don’t have my cup of coffee. I love coffee. Especially since becoming a Mom- I REALLY love my coffee. The little extra pick me up is a must these days. It’s for sure a drink that makes this Mama happy. Not only do I love coffee, but I also love red wine. So much! Cabernet, Merlot, occasionally a yummy blend. Yep! Sign me up for all of them. It is my adult beverage of choice when I am able to indulge. The problem with my favorite drinks is they stain my teeth! Read more…

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    How To Master A Day In The Car With The Kids

    Your husband is at work, your to-do list is multiplying, and things cannot be put off any longer. It’s inevitable, you have a day full of errands to run, and you have to take the kids. It’s not going to be easy, but you are a super woman, and you will do it all with ease. Right? Well, maybe not with ease, but you are prepared for any issue that may arise!

    When driving around town with kids in tow, there are some must-have items for making it a successful adventure. Read more…

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    The Cutest Little Babes Wear Carter’s

    This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

    This little girl was busted standing on the coffee table, and her face says it all! She knows she is caught red handed… or baby unicorn handed. LOL. At least she is cute, especially in this little bodysuit. LOVE!

    If you’re a Mom, there’s a good chance you know all about Carter’s. They have the cutest baby boy and girl clothes. It’s dangerous walking into a Carter’s store, because you just want to buy it all! From day one, I put my little ones in their newborn clothes. They are all just too cute!  These are some of my faves, the comfy bodysuits and little outfit sets. Read more…


    My Top 5 Pinterest Recipe Finds

    We all know it, we all love it, we all use it for just about everything. Pinterest! What did we do before there was a Pinterest? I’ll tell you what I did…I looked through my Mom’s old cookbooks trying to find something that sounded interesting to make for dinner. Well, now we have endless ideas, inspiration and recipes right there on our little iPhone app. Read more…


    Guest Post: 15 Things You Can Do To Market Your Business

    When you have a business, there are endless ways to to share and market your business with friends, family and followers! The scary thing is no matter awesome your business may be, it could still fail. When you’re marketing your business, no one may know that you exist and that YOU are the answer that they are searching for. The internet can be a huge net for you to grow your business for hundred of people out there. Truth be told, there really is no other platform than the internet that can give you such a wide influence without really costing you a cent! Read more…

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    Kitchen Reveal- I am in LOVE!

    I am super excited to share with you all my new obsession and sanctuary… our new kitchen. There is something about a new kitchen that gives a women goose bumps all over, and butterflies in her belly. I cannot explain to you my love for this room… and the fact that I can now make dinner on a stove that isn’t covered in rust. (before pictures to come) Read more…