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    Simple Hairpin Tables

    Our front room has always been a mismatch of different furniture. I never knew what I wanted to do with it, and to be honest I still don’t really know. The ceilings are around 20 feet high and it’s a little separated from the rest of the house, so it just feels like a daunting task at times to fill the space. We finally found the couch we love and have decided to make the room more livable for our family. So we won’t just avoid the room! Next step, was a coffee table. Read more…


    Guest Post: 15 Things You Can Do To Market Your Business

    When you have a business, there are endless ways to to share and market your business with friends, family and followers! The scary thing is no matter awesome your business may be, it could still fail. When you’re marketing your business, no one may know that you exist and that YOU are the answer that they are searching for. The internet can be a huge net for you to grow your business for hundred of people out there. Truth be told, there really is no other platform than the internet that can give you such a wide influence without really costing you a cent! Read more…


    Stencil a small area for BIG impact

    Hi ya’ll!! Happy Monday.

    I wanted to do a little post about the stencil I painted behind my TV. When we moved in, there was one of those built-in units to put a big box television and all your other electronics. It was hideous. For a while I had no idea what to do with it. Such a wasted space! We finally decided to just demo the top half, and rip it out- and leave the bottom half. Then we could just hang our TV on the wall. Perfect! I guess it’s a little funky, but for us it works and I think it’s a cute little nook.

    I have changed the wall behind the TV 3 different times since we did this. I had wallpaper there at first, and another stencil at one point. I just couldn’t make up my mind!! LOL. But, I guess that is what is SO great about paint, you can always just paint over for a fresh look. It’s an affordable and fun way to update a space. Read more…


    Ditch the kids for your spouse more often!

    When you get married, you have all the best intentions to keep everything the same in your relationship as while you were dating. I can remember having conversations with my hubby pre-kids that went something like this “When we have kids, we are going to put our relationship first and they have to fit into OUR life exactly the way we live it now.” Ha…ha…ha…. Once you have kids, things inevitably change. It becomes hard to focus on each other the way you did when it was only the two of you. ESPECIALLY when you have a second child. Then, it’s like everything in life just exploded and you are both just trying to survive on a daily basis! But, that’s a whole other blog post! In all seriousness though, taking time for one another is tough. You are both so tired by the end of the day, that it can be easier to just get in your pjs and stay in. Read more…

    Mom Life

    Make HUGE bubbles your kids will love

    If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to entertain your kids! Kind of like when you buy them a present, and they don’t even look at the toy you spent an hour deciding on, they just play with the box! Then, that box ends up in the trash… Well, this is one little gift for your kiddos that is practically free and is sure to entertain over and over. Read more…


    Shorten bamboo shades to the perfect length

    I’m excited about this post, because it’s something that seriously ANYONE can do and it saves so much money!

    I knew I wanted a natural look for my kitchen window coverings. At first, I considered fabric roman shades, but then realized I would have those things spotted up in no time! I needed something I could just easily wipe down to clean. No washer/dryer needed. I decided to go with bamboo. I felt it would tie together all the other natural pieces in our kitchen/family room area.

    After researching bamboo roman style shades online, I found that no one carried my window sizes in stock, so I would have to custom order for my windows. This was going to cost 100’s of dollars each window…. No thank you. I found the color, and width that would work perfectly for me- but the length only came in I believe 72”. Way too long! I decided to just order them anyway and figure it out. Haha! These are the things I do! Makes my husband nuts! Well, They were up in our kitchen windows for a while… still way too long. I just had them pulled up so you couldn’t really tell. Until the day I went for it, and shortened these bad boys up! Look how much longer these were than my window. Read more…


    Kitchen Island- Make it yourself! Save Big $$$

    If you or someone you know is planning a kitchen revamp anytime ever, then this is a post you want to read! Creating your own kitchen island will save you HUGE bucks!

    I researched all the different floating kitchen islands I could purchase and install into my kitchen. Our existing island was so awkward. I can’t even explain to you the shape of it… it was like a mix between a triangle and a half-circle? Not only that, but the area really only allowed for a couple barstools to be used. It needed to go. I had dreams of a nice long, rectangle shaped bar, but what I wanted would have cost thousands of dollars! That’s not including the quartz countertop that would still need to be installed. Read more…