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    DIY Basket Light & Macrame Cord

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Have you ever found yourself searching the internet for a decor item and you just cannot find it? You have a certain look in mind and you know it’s got to be out there… but where?? I had this feeling when I was updating the kid’s playroom and wanted a basket style pendant light for the corner of the room. Everything I found was either not what I had in mind, or soooo expensive. I started thinking how insane it was that companies charge this much for basically a basket turned upside down. LIGHTBULB. I could easily make this myself- it would just be silly to pay for that. I began looking for an affordable basket instead… and remembered I had a basket from Target sitting in my closet for the last couple years and always wondered why I ever bought it. Lol. It was perfect, and somehow matched the other wood stain in the room- meant to be? Yep!

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    So I flipped that bad boy upside down and got to work. Really quick and easy to only do the basket and just add a light kit! If you wanted to add the macrame cord, it will give the light a special touch. I really love that part and feel it brought the entire look together. Let’s get started-

    Items you’ll need for this Basket Light and Macrame Cord project:

    Basket of choice (the wider the weave, the more light will get through into the room)

    Plug-in Swag light cord

    Light bulb

    Macrame rope

    Power drill

    Spade Drill Bit 1.5″-2″

    Once you choose your basket, turn it upside down and drill a hole with your 1.5″ Spade drill bit in the center of the bottom panel. A solid base works best for creating a clean hole. My basket had a thin wooden base, so cutting a hole in the bottom was very simple. You can still do this with a woven bottom, but you may need to clean the opening with scissors to get all the frayed edges. No one will ever see that, so it’s ok!

    When you were a kid, did you go to camp and make your bestie a friendship bracelet? This is the SAME exact thing! I was looking at macrame wrapped light cords and thought- I am way to lazy at this moment to figure out a detailed knotting technique, but I do know how to make a mean friendship bracelet. Lol. So I got myself some macrame rope, and got to work. This is so simple!

    Now that your basket is already done (woo hoo), set it aside. Attach your light cord up on a wall so you can easily work with it. I just used a piece of duct tape and stuck it right to the wall. Tie a good knot at the very top of the cord, up against the base of the light. Then you will start your friendship bracelet style knotting. I’m sure this style must have some sort of real name, but that’s what I’m calling it. So, if you want to let me know the correct title- by all means, comment below!

    Follow these 3 steps over and over to fully cover your macrame cord.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Once you reach the outlet, make another knot at the end. That’s it! You’re done! It does take a little time to complete the macrame cord, but for me it was very therapeutic. Do it while watching TV or watching the kids play.. or have your husband feed you grapes while you wrap your macrame cord. Whatever you like.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Unscrew the end piece to the light and insert the top into the hole you created in your basket. Screw in the other end and you are ready to hang. This project can be done in so many styles and ways. There are different color macrame ropes and a different basket style would result in a totally different look! I will have to do this again in another room, just to switch things up.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    It’s the perfect little addition to this fun space for the kids. To see the entire playroom reveal click HERE. You can shop items from this post below!

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess


    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    DIY, Lifestyle, Mom Life

    New Playroom Ideas. Yay!

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    I have been dying to update our playroom for so long. It was a disorganized mess, and it looked like all the primary colors had thrown-up in there. I wanted a space where the kids could play, imagine and have fun! We also use it for our guest room when people come to visit, so although the room is REALLY small, I needed to keep a twin size bed inside.

    I had previously removed the closet doors to make the room feel bigger, and give more useable space. That’s about as far as I had gotten…the playroom moved to the back of the line behind other projects in the house. Now that the kids are both a little older, I didn’t want to put it off any longer. So here is their new space! I think I want to claim it for myself and call it Mommy’s room instead. Read more…


    DIY Board and Batten Wall

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    This large, blank wall has been staring at me for the last five years that we have been in our home. I originally just threw some family photos up and called it a day. I think very high walls intimidate me when it comes to decor. Once I really started thinking about what I wanted to do with it, I knew it needed some texture and dimension to break up the empty space. Originally my mind went straight to shiplap because, well who doesn’t want any excuse to have some shiplap in their house. But that just wasn’t the right choice for this spot. Then I remembered Board and Batten! Yasssss. That’s it. A board and batten wall can be sophisticated and modern in one style home, and can also look more lived in and rustic in another home. I knew it was the perfect choice. Sold.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    How to Make your Own
    Board and Batten Wall

    So let’s get right down to how you can do this in your own home. A bedroom, living room, hallway, whatever your heart desires.

    First of all, if your walls are NOT textured- this project is super easy for you. If you are from California, or wherever else they decided that walls need texturing on them- this project has some extra steps.

    My wall is around 20 feet high. I decided to take my board and batten wall about half way up, it stops just under a wall vent so I wouldn’t have to cut around it. Anything to make the job easier, is my motto.

    This board and batten tutorial contains some affiliate links.
    Materials needed for your board and batten wall:

    1 x 6″ Pine boards – For thick trim at top and bottom

    1 x 4″ Pine boards- For sides and interior trim

    2 & 2-1/2-Inch 16 Gauge Finish NailsMake a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    2.7 mm Utility plywood (to cover the texture on walls before placing trim)

    SpackleMake a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Caulking Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess


    Paint of choice

    Tools Needed to Make your Board and Batten Wall:

    Jig SawMake a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    16-Gauge Finish NailerMake a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Table Saw (optional)

    Chop Saw


    That’s the basic list, but of course your board and batten wall is not going to be the same dimensions as mine, so I am going to give you a basic step by step and you need to get your own measurements. Deal? Ok!

    If you have textured walls, you’ll want to cover them with a thin layer of plywood. If you choose not to do this step, your wall won’t look like it is one solid piece, because you will see the texture through your paint and it will look like you just stuck some boards on your wall. Plywood comes in 4 x 8 foot sheets. The 2.7mm is thin and has a smooth finish that is ready to be painted so no sanding is needed.

    I will not be discussing the electrical aspect in this post. I have no clue about electrical. My Dad did it all for me when he came to visit, while I had a cold beverage. You will have to find another blog post about that! So here we goooooo.

    -I decided that I didn’t want to glue my boards onto my wall, in case I ever decided to take this down, my wall would not be ruined in the process. If you are ok with gluing your plywood to the wall, that is great! This will be a less detailed project for you. You can follow my same tutorial and not be quite as particular about hitting all the studs. Since I did not want to glue my boards down, I needed to be sure to nail the sheets into the studs in the wall. Studs are 16″ apart- so a sheet of plywood (48″ wide) will line up perfectly to nail the edge of the sheet at every other stud. 16″ x 3= 48″ Make sense?

    This is the worst illustration of all time, but hey, I don’t claim to have any sort of artistic skills so… here ya go. The sheets will meet each other and thats where you will nail into your studs. I also nail around the entire sheet to prevent any bubbling, but this ensures it wont come away from the wall.

    DIY Board and Batten Wall tutorial featured by top DIY blog, Domestic Blonde: during

    -Once your wall is covered in plywood, you will cut your 1 x 6″ boards to the length of your board and batten wall. This will create the outside (top/bottom) border.  Nail the trim to the bottom (removing existing baseboard to give a clean, cohesive look) this will become the baseboard. Nail the other 1 x 6 to the top, lining up the top of the board with the top of the plywood sheet.

    *Side note, if you’ve been doing the math, you may be confused. I added a 2 ft piece of the plywood right on top of the 8ft sheet which brought my wall to 10′ feet. That is right where I nailed my horizontal board. As you can see below, there is a line at the top where the wood comes together. You may need to do something like this as well if your board and batten will be taller than 8ft like mine is.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    -Your 1 x 4″ boards will be used for the remaining detail. Measure the distance between your top and bottom trim at each point you plan to use a board. Don’t assume the floor is level along the bottom board. Cut the boards to fit each spot and nail into place. You will nail a 1 x 4 at each spot that the plywood meets- to cover the gap.  I only placed boards every 48″, because my wall is so large. If your wall is smaller, you may choose to nail your boards every 16″, so they run along every stud. Use your little jigsaw to cut out the holes around any outlet box or other obstructions.

    DIY Board and Batten Wall tutorial featured by top DIY blog, Domestic Blonde: during

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    -Once all vertical boards are placed, measure each space between the vertical boards, cut and nail the horizontal pieces in to place. My squares are around 2ft high, as I said above.  I also added a little box trim around the large vent below by cutting 45 degree angles on a piece of trim and nailing it in place.

    -Sand any spots to ensure everything lines up smoothly.

    -Caulk around all cracks/gaps, and spackle all nail holes (the worst part)

    -Paint with a good primer. I recommend Zinsser 123, and then follow with your paint of choice. I used Oxford White by Benjamin Moore. This is the same color I used on my kitchen cabinets. It’s the perfect white if you want a true white. No weird undertones, no warmth. I love it!! Also, the Advance Line by BM is the absolute best. It is self-leveling and even if you suck at painting, it will turn out fab.

    DIY Board and Batten Wall tutorial featured by top DIY blog, Domestic Blonde: during

    You will absolutely need to put one coat of primer on, then1-2 coats of the white paint to finish it off. Don’t skip the primer! Stand back, look at your wall. OMG it looks amazing, right?? What a difference some wood can make. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    And YEP, I put a TV right on it. My best friend gave me crap for covering it up with a television, but we love sitting in this room and cuddling up on the couch watching a movie. It feels like a cozy, and beautiful space that is LIVED in- and that’s most important.

    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess

    Let me know if you have any additional questions on this board and batten wall tutorial, I know I did a very breezy tutorial.

    Happy Building!

    PS: Loving this tutorial on how to make your own board and batten wall? Click here now for a step by step guide to make your own hairpin tables!



    Make a DIY Headboard Fit For A Princess
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