Our kids literally have everything. Am-I-Right? I wanted to round up some kids Christmas gifts that I think are a little unique, fun and won’t break the bank. Let’s keep those kids entertained for longer that 2 minutes, shall we?

Kids Christmas Gifts by popular San Diego lifestyle blog, Domestic Blonde: collage image of a Toy Storage Bag, Toni Box, Hoverboard, Deluxe Archery Set, Joinks, Crazy Forts, Construction plate and utensils, Post Office Mail set, Trampoline, Paint an Owl Piggy Bank, Cinemood, and Super Sports Disks.

Kids Christmas Gifts

1. Toy Storage Bag, Play and go! – They can play with their legos right on top of the bag, which lays completely flat and then easily zip-ties shut to grab and go.

2. Tonie Box – screen-free digital listening experience that plays stories, songs, and more! So fun for imaginations and if they aren’t able to read yet on their own.

3. Hoverboard With LED Headlights – This just seems like something I would have DIED over as a little girl! So much fun, and what a great way to leard coordination and balance.

4. Deluxe Archery Set – Fun for boys and girls, and maybe even those kids who don’t necessarily love sports…like my son. Super cool!

5. Joinks – Wooden dowels connect with 100% silicone connectors. They can create anything their little minds come up with. Perfect toy for all of the kids. My 4 year old and my 7 year old would love this.

6. Crazy Forts – Such a fun project for the kids, to create a little secret spot just for them. Perfect for a reading nook.

7. Construction Plate and Utensils – Gosh, I wish I would have had this when my kids were a little younger. How cool is this for enticing your young ones to eat dinner?

8. Post Office Mail Set – Sending letters and playing mail carriers would entertain for a ling time!

9. Trampoline – I hear from many parents that this is a gift that doesn’t grow old for the kids. We need one! Our backyard is a little tight, but this one is just 8 feet around, which is smaller than other big trampolines.

10. Paint an Owl Piggy Bank – They can paint their own cute owl piggy bank, and it comes with a book that teaches them about money as well. Super cute! Creativity and life lessons.

11. Cinemood – Portable movie theatre. Take this with you anywhere! Set up a little movie spot in their bedroom, on a camping trip, or just in the backyard. Project the movie on any surface.

12. Super Sports Disks – Like a smashball for kids. LOL.

Hope you find something for the little ones in your life! Have a very merry Christmas!


What kids Christmas gifts are you currently loving? Let me know in a comment below!