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6 Must-have Items for New Moms

6 Must-have Items for New Moms

As I’m about to bake some cookies with the kiddos, I keep thinking about all the prego ladies I know right now, and my friends who have asked about what to register for. There are so many, WAY too many, products out there being pushed in the faces of new parents, advertised as a must-have item. I mean, what the heck it’s totally overwhelming for a new Mom! It’s super hard to know what to buy and what will end up costing 100 bucks, and just sit in the corner of your baby’s room.

I have seen some completely ridiculous baby products. First of all, a Baby Bum Fan. So your baby doesn’t get diaper rash. Really?

Baby Poop Alarm. This alarm senses your baby’s poop and/or pee, and begins playing a song to let you know. Because the smell of crap won’t tip you off. Also, when do babies NOT have pee in their diaper? That thing will just be playing melodies all dang day!

Really, I feel like the items we need as new moms with tiny babes, is pretty simple. There are also items we don’t necessarily need, but if it makes our life easier as a Mom, then why not. Of course, every mom is different and we all have our own (loving) opinions. 😉 Here are some items I believe are must have… or at least, they are pretty great. For Mom and for baby. Here you go new mommy friends of mine. (This post contains some affiliate links)

  1. A nursing bra. A nice soft, wire-free one. More than one. When that baby is born, and for a while, you will want to live in those things. Day and night. It’s such a hassle to deal with a traditional bra when you are a nursing mom. These are comfortable and so convenient for at-home and especially if you need to nurse on the go. This bra6 Must-have Items for New Moms from Amazon is great! And super cheap so you can get a few.
  2. The Woombie6 Must-have Items for New Moms Swaddle. Most babies will be swaddled for the first few months of life when sleeping. It keeps them super cozy, and they sleep longer when swaddled, it’s great. Tegan unfortunately, never let me swaddle her…. I believe that was a result of spending her first month of life never swaddled in the NICU. My poor, sweet angel babe.  Swaddling can be a pain in the butt. And those little humans will wiggle their arms right out of those things and then, yep, they’re awake. Not Fun. These swaddles are amazing, so fast to put on. Just zip and your done. The baby can still move their arms into a comfortable position, and the best part- No escaping. Fab!
  3. The Nose Frida6 Must-have Items for New Moms. MUST BUY MUST BUY! If you buy any one of these items, THIS is the one. This is for clearing out a congested nose. Throw those hospital suction bulbs in the trash. I wish I had this with my Son when he was a baby. I remember sleepless nights because he couldn’t breathe! This has worked perfect for Tegan. Instant relief. The basic nose bulbs are worthless. This little gadget allows you to suck your baby’s snot out, with our OWN MOUTH. Haha so gross. It’s not really gross, don’t worry you don’t have to eat snot. Just buy it. Do you want your baby to sleep or not? That’s what I thought.
  4. LectroFan White Noise Machine6 Must-have Items for New Moms. This is completely just my preference, not every mom will want/need one. I just happen to have a white noise machine obsession… well, and a temperature obsession. I have to have my kid’s rooms at the absolute perfect temperature. My husband got me a thermostat for Christmas that you can control with your phone and it tells you the temp in each room of the house. Oh ok, I sound crazy now. Moving on.. (But, if you’re like me, then this is for you-> Ecobee3 6 Must-have Items for New Moms). So anyway, this is the white noise machine I used for both of my babies. It’s great because it has so many different sounds and volume levels to choose from. I once bought just a cheapy little sound machine, with maybe three choices and it sounded like some sort of horror movie static situation. I need choices. Soothing baby white noise. This is the best one.
  5. Baby carrier. I am not going to tell you which baby carrier you HAVE to get. It annoys me when people think there’s only one brand you should buy. There are some really good carriers out there that you can use from newborn stage to toddler stage. You may think you don’t want to wear your baby, but baby wearing, even if done just occasionally, is really helpful! Hands-free is necessary, and especially if you have a second kid to chase. I have a Pikkolo baby carrier and I really like it. If you buy a Tula, you cannot go wrong!6 Must-have Items for New Moms Go check them out, but my only request is that you don’t buy one of the baby carriers that are really narrow in the crotch area. My hubby and I like to call those the Crotch Danglers… and we like to yell “Crotch daaanglerrr!!!!!!” out loud when we see a little baby dangling about from someone’s chest. Haha, well we only yell it out loud to each other in our car, because it makes us laugh. Just get a nice wide seat for your baby.
  6. Baby Monitor6 Must-have Items for New Moms. Another item I cannot live without. I’m not kidding, one day I lost the power cord to charge it, and I didn’t know how to function properly. Is she awake in there…? Is she asleep…? Is she just hanging out…? Is she alive?? My baby monitor has gotten tons of use. For every nap and during the night I have it on. This monitor is awesome because it can pan around the room, zoom, and tells you the room temp (you know how much I love that). When you live in a two story house, you’ve got to have one.


I feel like I could add a hand full of other things to the list, but this post will be just way too long. Moms can talk! Anything you think I missed that is a must-have? Good luck with your new baby shopping!



6 Must-have Items for New Moms

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