Firefighters Protection: Protect Those Who Protect Us

Firefighters Protection: Protect Those Who Protect Us

It becomes so easy to move throughout our days with blinders on, only focused on what is going on inside our individual bubbles. Wake up, get kids fed and dressed, off to school, down for nap, clean the house, run errands, make dinner…repeat. We try to just block out the fact that all around us our world is growing darker and darker.

Political bickering, protesting, mass shootings, the list goes on and I don’t want to even put down on paper some of the other things I’m thinking right now. It’s gotten to the point where you wonder if going to the mall is even safe anymore. Everyone has a guard up, even our elementary schools are installing metal detectors to keep the children safe. Police officers supervise work places and campuses. It seems that all over, we’ve added extra protection to keep people from harm.  Necessary measures to protect the people we love, but man is it depressing to see where our times are headed. I bring all this up, not to be a Debbie downer today, but I feel compelled to raise awareness about a group of hard working people, heroes really, who are not being given the same protection as many others are. I want to wave a flag and yell out to the higher ups ‘What about our Firefighters???’ They need our support and protection as well. I recently wrote the following letter to the Mayor of San Diego requesting that some thought be given to this matter. I hope you read, and pass this post on. Maybe then, others will bring this matter to light and we can begin to see some changes to protect our Fire Department, and other departments in the future.

Dear Mayor Faulconer,

I am writing you today to not only express my feelings as a wife and mother, but to also beg for a solution to this overlooked problem we have.

My husband is a Firefighter Paramedic for the San Diego Fire Department. He and over 800 other firefighters, risk their lives everyday answering to 911 calls for medical emergencies, property emergencies, fires, etc. They are sent to call after call, not ever truly knowing what situation they are entering into when they arrive on scene. Many times, these medical emergencies are due to violence ending in severe trauma or even death. The information the dispatcher is given when the unknown individual dials 911, is very vague.

Our Firefighters have only the best intentions, to protect life and property. That’s what they have been extensively trained to do. But who is protecting them? They enter rundown apartment complexes and dark, drug-filled corners of our city and frankly they are in DANGER. The only thing they have on their belts is a little flashlight and radio. How will this protect our men and women when the time comes that they need to defend themselves? This is an urgent matter that I believe is long overdue. We must provide our Firefighters a way to protect each other. When it’s 3am and only an EMT and Paramedic are alone in a room with questionable individuals, would it not help their families sleep better at night knowing that their husband had some small way to protect himself against threats?

I am not necessarily suggesting that we train for the use of firearms, but there are other forms of protection available. Let’s start protecting our Firefighters in some way. They risk their lives helping our great City each and every day. I want and desperately need my husband to come home unharmed to his two small children. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.




Kelly McJunkin

Thank you to all of our men and women on the front line, protecting our friends and family. We owe you so much.



Firefighters Protection: Protect Those Who Protect Us

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  • Reply Kathy

    I can’t believe nobody has made a comment here!?! Your letter is beautifully written and so very true. Nobody can deny the fact that firemen are literally the first on scene when a 911 call is placed. They will walk right into a home, that could be filled with drugs and drug paraphernalia, and go straight to the person who is down with only one thought…save this life! Meanwhile that same home could be filled with drug dealers and weapons. The drug dealers only care about one thing, and that’s not to be caught. They don’t see that the firefighters are only there to help. They could see them as wittiness. How scary is that? Firefighters are constantly in my prayers and I hope someday they will be given the opportunity to protect themselves. I don’t necessarily believe that guns are a solution, but maybe they should be. I know my response isn’t as politically correct as your letter, but I can agree with you that something needs to be done.

    God Bless our Firefighters and please watch over them and keep them safe!


    December 9, 2016 at 12:44 am
    • Reply Kelly

      Thank you for your thoughts, Kathy! I agree with you and appreciate your response.

      December 9, 2016 at 10:11 pm

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