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    How To Master A Day In The Car With The Kids

    Your husband is at work, your to-do list is multiplying, and things cannot be put off any longer. It’s inevitable, you have a day full of errands to run, and you have to take the kids. It’s not going to be easy, but you are a super woman, and you will do it all with ease. Right? Well, maybe not with ease, but you are prepared for any issue that may arise!

    When driving around town with kids in tow, there are some must-have items for making it a successful adventure. Read more…

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    Books Sure To Impress Your Kiddos

    As parents we spend countless hours reading our little ones books. It is a part of childhood that everyone experiences, and we will always remember those few books we really loved growing up. I feel like we go through books like groceries in our house! So many books! Our son especially, loves to read. He can memorize an entire book cover to cover, and read it to you while you turn the pages. It’s incredible! He is absolutely a little sponge for learning. I am telling you, he will be smarter than me in about five years. I will be the one needing a tutor to help me with his homework assignments! Lord help me. Read more…

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    The Cutest Little Babes Wear Carter’s

    This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

    This little girl was busted standing on the coffee table, and her face says it all! She knows she is caught red handed… or baby unicorn handed. LOL. At least she is cute, especially in this little bodysuit. LOVE!

    If you’re a Mom, there’s a good chance you know all about Carter’s. They have the cutest baby boy and girl clothes. It’s dangerous walking into a Carter’s store, because you just want to buy it all! From day one, I put my little ones in their newborn clothes. They are all just too cute!  These are some of my faves, the comfy bodysuits and little outfit sets. Read more…

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    Make HUGE bubbles your kids will love

    If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to entertain your kids! Kind of like when you buy them a present, and they don’t even look at the toy you spent an hour deciding on, they just play with the box! Then, that box ends up in the trash… Well, this is one little gift for your kiddos that is practically free and is sure to entertain over and over. Read more…

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    6 Must-have Items for New Moms

    As I’m about to bake some cookies with the kiddos, I keep thinking about all the prego ladies I know right now, and my friends who have asked about what to register for. There are so many, WAY too many, products out there being pushed in the faces of new parents, advertised as a must-have item. I mean, what the heck it’s totally overwhelming for a new Mom! It’s super hard to know what to buy and what will end up costing 100 bucks, and just sit in the corner of your baby’s room.

    I have seen some completely ridiculous baby products. First of all, a Baby Bum Fan. So your baby doesn’t get diaper rash. Really?

    Baby Poop Alarm. This alarm senses your baby’s poop and/or pee, and begins playing a song to let you know. Because the smell of crap won’t tip you off. Also, when do babies NOT have pee in their diaper? That thing will just be playing melodies all dang day! Read more…

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    Motherhood: 3 Reasons It’s So Beautifully Insane

    I never really understood what being a parent meant. I saw other people with kids and thought nothing of it. My sisters had children before I did, and I could not understand what the big deal was! It’s easy to be a Mom! It’s just a normal part of life. Easy peasy. It wasn’t until the day I had my first baby, that I felt the extreme magnitude of Motherhood. The intense, and very difficult delivery I endured that day, changed me as a person. Read more…