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    Kitchen Island- Make it yourself! Save Big $$$

    If you or someone you know is planning a kitchen revamp anytime ever, then this is a post you want to read! Creating your own kitchen island will save you HUGE bucks!

    I researched all the different floating kitchen islands I could purchase and install into my kitchen. Our existing island was so awkward. I can’t even explain to you the shape of it… it was like a mix between a triangle and a half-circle? Not only that, but the area really only allowed for a couple barstools to be used. It needed to go. I had dreams of a nice long, rectangle shaped bar, but what I wanted would have cost thousands of dollars! That’s not including the quartz countertop that would still need to be installed. Read more…


    Easy Tassel Blanket

    I had been looking for a throw to put at the end of our king-size bed for a while. Everything just seemed too small and I wanted a little texture somehow. I love tassels and wasn’t able to find one that would work. Especially with the large size of our bed. I decided to just make it myself! Not, the blanket… if I had tried making the blanket, it would be in the trash right now. That wouldn’t have been pretty. I made the tassels. This is so easy, and really only took me about a half hour to complete. Serious! Read more…


    The Bring on the Spring, Wreath

    Daylight savings time is this weekend, which means longer days and warmer weather are coming! I can’t wait, and honestly, I am most excited to just leave this winter behind because my family has been SO sick for SO long. We are very ready for some warm weather and healthy bodies.

    So, I just wanted to do a little post on making a simple, spring-time wreath for your home. I love this project because it’s super-fast, cheap and you can make it for any season. It also makes a great little gift.

    Read more…


    Refinish your kitchen cabinets like a pro

    Happy Saturday ya’ll! It’s the weekend, which means project time… why not refinish your kitchen cabinets?? I’m pretty pumped up about this blog post for two reasons- #1 because I can’t wait to tell you how very possible it is to refinish your kitchen cabinets and make them look fabulous! #2 Writing this post means mine are done. Which means no more work for me. Done.

    I actually sort of agonized over attempting this task for a looooong time. I stared at about 10 different white paint samples for close to a month ‘deciding on the perfect white undertone’. When in reality I was likely just terrified to screw it up, and then our beautiful, new countertops would be surrounded by some funky DIY cabinetry. That would have been awful! After much research and lip biting, I decided I was going to go for it and pray.  I really wanted a fresh, cool white for the kitchen to compliment the quartz we were installing. The paint color we had professionally done when we purchased our home, was an off-white. It almost had a yellow hue. It had to go! So, in order to save the big bucks- I took on the task myself. Very happy I did, and here is how you can do it as well. Let me just add WITHOUT SANDING A THING.

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    Kitchen Reveal- I am in LOVE!

    I am super excited to share with you all my new obsession and sanctuary… our new kitchen. There is something about a new kitchen that gives a women goose bumps all over, and butterflies in her belly. I cannot explain to you my love for this room… and the fact that I can now make dinner on a stove that isn’t covered in rust. (before pictures to come) Read more…


    Bathroom Cabinet Gets New LIFE

    How could I leave behind the bathroom cabinet transformation?? I can’t move on with life until I write a post about how I took this old, faded, worn out cabinet and changed it into a little piece of art. And, I must add, WITHOUT a paint brush! The only paint brush you will need, is the one to apply the clear top coat. No spending hours touching up and applying perfect brush strokes. You are going to love how great this tutorial is. Read more…

    Mom Life

    6 Must-have Items for New Moms

    As I’m about to bake some cookies with the kiddos, I keep thinking about all the prego ladies I know right now, and my friends who have asked about what to register for. There are so many, WAY too many, products out there being pushed in the faces of new parents, advertised as a must-have item. I mean, what the heck it’s totally overwhelming for a new Mom! It’s super hard to know what to buy and what will end up costing 100 bucks, and just sit in the corner of your baby’s room.

    I have seen some completely ridiculous baby products. First of all, a Baby Bum Fan. So your baby doesn’t get diaper rash. Really?

    Baby Poop Alarm. This alarm senses your baby’s poop and/or pee, and begins playing a song to let you know. Because the smell of crap won’t tip you off. Also, when do babies NOT have pee in their diaper? That thing will just be playing melodies all dang day! Read more…


    Put a frame on it.


    While updating my bathroom, I contemplated taking down our mirror and putting up two round ones in it’s place… I do love the look of a round mirror, but I really liked the large size of the one we already had. Plus, patching the wall after I ripped that bad boy down, sounded horrible. Creating a frame for it seemed like my best option to make it work. There was no way I was keeping it up the way it was. With the little hideous plastic holder-clips they put all around it. What’s that all about anyway? Read more…